martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

Webquest: The London Eye

The London eye was became UK's most popular paid for visitor and 3'5 million people visited the London Eye a year. The creators were  David Marks and Julia Barfield, the London Eye was opened to the public in the 2000 and slow to did a little bit less of 2 years. One metaphore for the wheel is the end of the 20th century and time turning into the new millenium and your award are: The best attraction in Europe and UK's attraction of the year. The London eye represent the 32 brougths of Londo by that, the London Eye had 32 capsules. From the top of the London Eye you can see 40 kilometres in all directions. The London Eye has so much spread that can  11 London red double-decker buses of passengers. The closest tube station is Waterloo and you have long before to should to arrive  30 minutes. You can buy the  flexy standart flight, is perfect if you're  planning a trip to the London Eye but aren't sure time you'l visit.
The prices are:
Adult: ₤18'99
Child (4-15 years): ₤11'25
Child (under 4 years): Free
Family of Four: ₤53'60

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