jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Then and now

When I was 9 years, I was very fat, the head was more around, I used to be about 1'55m and I always more tracksuit. I loved the cartoons, I used to pass hours and hours watching the TV but usually, I used to play with my friends to games (in the computer or in the street).In summer I used to spend all day swimming in the sea with my cousins and sometimes I had lunch in the beach. When I was a little boy, I hated the music for some reason, one of the foods I hate was sausage. My favorite activity used to ve swimming, but also I used to play tennis and football.

I'm still a litlle fat (but less), my head is slimmer, I am about 1'78m, now I usually wear formal clothes (I don't wear the tracksuit all days). I love going out with my friends, I love the computer (my dream is a computer science) and I still love swimming but I don't go swimming as before, also, I love the music and the sausage. I hate the football. My favorite activity remains to be the swimming but I'm doing less activities.