martes, 26 de abril de 2011

Emma Watson

Emma Watson was born in Paris and lived there until she was five years old. Enma Watson played Hermione Granger in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone un 2000. She is also lookin forward to new projects "I'm excited about the future" she said.

The Harry Potter films have made Emma the highest paid female star in Hollywood, she earned 23.5 million euros in 2009! But Emma says her education is as important as her career.
She also went to school in Oxfordshire and got excellent grades in English Literature, Geography and art. Emma has always been positive acout being a child actress, but she never wanted to leave school to act fulltime:"school life keeps me in touch with my friends... with reality". Last year, Emma went to Brown University in the USA to study the arts.

She wants her time at Brown to be "normal": "I want to do it properly, like everyone else". 
Emma Watson helped to create a clothes collection for 16- to 24- years old and modelled some clothes.
 Emma Watson also changed her image recently by cutting her hair. She has become a fashion icon, a cool student and a supporter of good causes. 

Arthur Conan Doyle

In 1887, Arthur Conan Doyle created Sherlock Holmes because he won't have patients Dr Josepbell, one of his professors inspired the creation of Sherlock Holmes. 
Sherlock Holmes appears in 60 stories, published between 1887 and 1927. 
Conan Doyle had learned french so that he could read Jules Verne in the original version. Conan Doyle studied medicine at Edinburgh University. 
With Dracula, Holmes is the literary character who is in most films. It sold very many books of Sherlock Holmes, 7 million hardbooks and 100 million paperbooks.
The famous quote "Elementary, my dear Watson" never appeared in the books, the quote appears in the films. 
Sherlock Holmes returns in a new film with Robert Downey and Jude Law. There are rumours that Brad Pitt will be Moriarty in the next Sherlock Holmes film. 
In the books, 221b Baker street, is the London address of Holmes and Watson. In the real world it was a bank. Today, 221b is the number of the Sherlock Holmes Museum. The museum is actually between 237 and 241 Baker street. There is also a pub in London called The Sherlock Holmes!