jueves, 2 de diciembre de 2010

A holiday to remember

Hi, one of the best holidays of my life is in Ubrique, in July of 2010 (summer) with my uncles and my cousin Ruben, I went because they invited me and I accepted, of course. We went by car during 4 hours, it took very long but my cousin and I we talked a lot during the travel. We stayed in the hotel 3 days, during these 3 days, we were swimming in the pool, we visited Ubrique, we launched outside of the hotel and we mount in a boat.
We mounted in a boat
We visiting Ubrique

We swimming in the pool

The places were nice and the food was very delicious!, but the hotel didn't convince me, it was a little bored. In the evening, we were resting in our rooms and we watched TV and played computer. The holyday was very cheap, because my uncles invited me in all things, and we didn't accept my money. I didn't buy anything in Ubrique; I didn't see anythig interesting to buy. I recommend Ubrique because is an interesting town and it has many places to visit.