lunes, 8 de noviembre de 2010

All about me

My name is Miguel Caraballo De La Rosa; I study in “Caepionis” high school, I don’t like study but my dream is be the best computer expert in the world (a little exaggerates, no?), my previous school was “Maestro Manuel Aparcero”.

My high school

My previous school "Maestro Manuel Aparcero"

I usually connect to “Tuenti” and “Windows Live Messenger “, read in the night and go for a walk with my friends; Tuenti is a sociable network and Windows Live Messenger is a client of instantaneous courier service. I dislike football but I play football because I amuse with my friends. I love the computer science, I every day look news of electronics, video games and programs, but some days, I download books of computer programming. My favorite music group is “Muse” and my favorite song is “Undisclosed desires”.
Album of the song: "Undisclosed Desires"

 My favorite book is “El juego Del ángel by: Carlos Ruiz Zafón”.

My favorite book
 Now, I’m doing the work and listening music, the music I’m listening is “fall out boys-Dance, Dance”.

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